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The fruit juices that you should prioritize for a detox cure according to the experts!


Do you want to follow the right detox cure method? Read our article to ensure its proper practice and see recommended juice recipes.

The detox cure has helped many people, whether in weight loss or to have more energy. This is why this diet is recommended by experts to ensure good health.


In this article, we will help you to carry out the cure well. You will also discover its benefits for the body. And finally you could concoct all kinds of fruit juices from a few recipes.

Detox cure: the principle

Know that the detox cure allows you to get rid of toxins in the body based on a restrictive diet. That said, we must follow programs that are pre-established to achieve satisfactory results. Moreover, the experts have already set up strict menus to follow. Thus, they must be respected so as not to waste the efforts.

As food, it is necessary to opt for plant products during the detox cure. These products can be eaten raw, cooked or juiced. For the delay, the diet can last for 1-7 consecutive days. Experts recommend starting small instead of starting the diet for a week. That said, it is useless to force yourself since it is better to move slowly but surely.

Thus, you should only eat fruits, vegetables or juices made from these products during your detox cure. That said, you need to change your eating habits if you haven’t dieted before. It’s necessary avoid snacking and especially processed foods .


However, it is not easy to follow a detox cure. It’s a challenge that requires a warrior mentality to follow the diet to the letter. Before starting it, it is essential to have the advice of a person who has already done it. Or, consult a good nutritionist to follow you during this process. Finally, you have to be motivated and disciplined during its application.

The advantages of the plan

You’ve heard it before! The detox cure cleanses our body and removes toxins. And yes ! The human body keeps accumulating waste and toxins. These can come from pollution, medication or smoking. Therefore, it is preferable to wash the inside to ensure the proper functioning of the body.

Note that if you do not detox, the accumulation of waste can cause fatigue, dull hair, digestive problems or a weakening of the immune system. So we start not having energy in everything we do. Hence the need for the regime to cleanse the liver, kidneys and intestines.

That said, the detox cure promotes the improvement of our physical and mental well-being. Not to mention that the diet increases the energy level of the body. This feeling of well-being is necessary to feel good about yourself and to be more productive. Other than that, there is a high probability that the immune system is strengthened after its application.

So, start doing the detox cure now to have a satisfactory result in the days to come. But do not exceed 7 days for its application. You may notice that after this diet, your cravings will decrease and you will have clearer skin. To conclude, you will also have a good night’s sleep since the organisms will function perfectly.

The best juices to make during the detox cure

Here are the juice recipes to try when you start your detox cure. Opt for carrot and apple juice. It is a juice rich in vitamins and which could accompany the meal. To do this, you will only need apples, carrots and a piece of ginger. Then wash and cut all the ingredients before putting them in a juice extractor.

It is also possible to opt for green juice during the detox cure. For this, you need half a cucumber, an apple, spinach leaves, celery stalks, a piece of ginger and a little lemon. For its preparation, peel the half-cucumber and cut it into pieces. Then wash the apple and cut it into cubes. Don’t forget to wash the spinach leaves and celery stalks. Then mix all the ingredients to extract the juice.


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