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Thanks to Coallia, a solidarity grocery store for people under 29 in Amiens


We had met them with their “tow truck”, the social and solidarity grocery truck. But what you may not know is that they have a social and solidarity grocery store for young people, physical. Since 2012, she was rue Jean-Jaurès. It is now located at 55 rue de Sully (in the Alliance area, where Youjump is also located)


What is Coallia’s young grocery store?

A solidarity grocery store that has moved. “The objective is to be a springboard between a difficult moment and a renewal in the lives of young people who are between 17 and 29 years old” explains Marie, the grocery store coordinator.

The novelty ? New premises with much more space, which also allows them their tow truck. With larger storage space. (Donations always come from the food bank where they regularly get supplies.)

The solidarity grocery store gives young people aged 17 to 29 access to products of all types: hygiene, fresh food, canned food, meat, fish, cleaning… Really everything you need. All at a reduced price. For example, 15 cents for 6 eggs (normally €1), deodorant at 25 cents (against €2 in supermarkets).

Between 1 and 4 euros for shopping for one person per week, this is the range of the budget spent by members of the grocery store.

How to be beneficiary?

The young people who find themselves here are directed by the town halls of the sectors towards social workers or the MDSI (Departmental Houses of Solidarity and Integration). It is not possible to come and register directly at this grocery store. It is the social worker who, depending on your precariousness, will tell you where to come and above all your possible budget to spend each week.

Unlike the Agoraé, it is not just for students. All young people in financial difficulty who are struggling to do their shopping are welcome.

An obvious social bond for the beneficiaries

The fact of buying money and not benefiting from donations makes the act less difficult for young people. “You learn to manage a budget, it looks like a real store, especially with the new premises, I’m less ashamed to come here” explains Khadija one of the beneficiaries.

A living space in its new premises, perfect for the workshops required in the contract with the grocery store. These workshops revolve around cooking recipes or even the design of homemade household products.

Learn to manage a budget, read the labels so as not to be fooled on the price per kilo… This is the kind of advice that beneficiaries can find.

Khadija has been benefiting from the grocery store for four months now. His contract will be extended. In total, she will access the grocery store for seven months. Apart from obvious help with shopping, she tells us that she appreciates the social bond: “Every week, I look forward to being able to come here. The girls who welcome us are really open and cheerful, it’s like a real store, the only difference is the prices”.

“A very useful transition”

His health is only better for it: “I have health concerns, I eat vegetables and fruit. Before it never happened, my doctor is happy that I come here. By buying cheaper food, I can buy better quality hygiene products thanks to the savings, it is life changing”

Leda and Braian, a couple from Argentina, came to live in France during confinement, a situation that caused them some concern. They therefore appreciated being able to shop for seven months at Coallia. “It was really difficult but it helped us. There was no work for us during the lockdown. Today, we both manage to find odd jobs, it allows us to have a salary. The grocery store was really a very useful transition,” says Leda. “Besides, we still make a recipe every week that he learned during workshops in the grocery store” Braian adds.



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