Strat’Tech: Digital transformation, the BNI unveils its recipes for success

The CRRAE-UEMOA scene in the Plateau experienced a very special atmosphere on May 11, 2022. Indeed, the Cabinet Yadec Consulting held a bet. That of bringing together, on the same stage, professionals who have proven themselves in terms of digital transformation. ”Digital transformation at the heart of business development”. This was the theme that served as the framework for this unprecedented meeting. During it, the Banque Nationale d’Investissement (BNI) unveiled its greatest successes. Especially when it comes to digital transformation. A report by Strat’Marques.

The impact of digital transformation on the quality of services

The CEO/REX panel was the panel for top management. During his intervention, Douley Daniel KouadioSecretary General of the BNI, shared the implementation process of BNIOnline. It must be said that the birth of the online bank of the BNI is not fortuitous. This decision stemmed from the General Management’s desire to make life easier for the bank’s customers.

To do this, he had to unite all the staff around this project. The objective is to set up an agile organization in order to unwind client transactions within relatively short deadlines. The digital transformation of the BNI is therefore part of the vision of top management.

But to achieve a goal, you also need a strategy. Thus, following, a strategy was adopted for its realization. Therefore, the project team studied the opportunities, risks, and threats related to the realization of the strategic objective. An objective which was none other than the digitization of 90% of the bank’s product and service offers. According to the Secretary General of the BNI. This analysis therefore took into account a triptych well known to managers. The triptych ” cost, time, quality whose effect, in this case, is to guarantee the best customer experience.

People at the heart of the Strategy

According to Douley Daniel Kouadio, so the process of digital transformation began. A transformation concerning, in particular, the bank’s products and services. And also processes related to the external and internal customer journey. Eventually, this process gave rise to the solution BNI Online. Now, with this solution, no more hassle for customers. Since requests for permission to go to the bank are conjugated in the past! The same goes for its corollary of long queues etc. Since BNI Online allows you to carry out your operations, online, without moving.

Indeed, with this tool, customers, from a terminal connected to the Internet, can perform several types of operations. Namely, a request for account statements, a position request, a transfer. As well as a request for checkbooks, a request to open an account, etc. For the Bank, the major challenge was to put people at the heart of the bank’s digital strategy.

Communication with customers

In addition, several communication actions are carried out by the bank. Awareness-raising actions for greater customer support for digital solutions. Digital solutions designed and created to make their lives easier. Douley Kouadio has indicated that the penetration rate of BNI Online is around 70%. As for the other innovation, the electronic purse B.Free, it is 40% for nearly 70,000 subscribers.

He ended his speech by reassuring his audience about the continuous improvement process. A process put in place by the BNI as part of this digital transformation. With this in mind, several channels have been established to collect customer feedback. Among them, an email address, social networks, suggestion boxes, etc. ”We really pay close attention to some of the suggestions”. Said Douley Kouadio. And it is regularly that the points of improvement are treated, underlined the Secretary General of the BNI

The B.Free case, freedom all in one

As part of successful digital transformations, Armel Mbroh, Organization Director at BNI, presented the B.Free solution. The creation of this electronic purse was inspired by the observation of a problem. Specifically, the lack of financial liquidity encountered by a bank customer. And this, while he had an emergency to settle in the middle of the night.

Indeed, this solution is a real Swiss army knife. Not only does it allow customers or non-customers of the BNI to interact with their various accounts and means of payment. But it also allows you to make electronic payments in shops, donations to charities, etc.

Ultimately, it centralizes, on the same platform, the savings account, checking accounts, bank cards and mobile money. Which is, to date, one of the greatest successes in terms of digital transformation carried out by the BNI.

Notwithstanding some of the difficulties inherent in projects of this magnitude, agility is key. It is she who will have enabled the project team to propose a solution to facilitate the daily lives of users.

Disruptive Strategy in the Age of FinTech

”Banks are generally heavy to jump on the bandwagon. But when they jump on the bandwagon, they go fast”. These words are those of Erwin N’Guettahead of the operational excellence, digital transformation and innovation department at the BNI.

According to him, the BNI has succeeded in integrating fintech into its traditional ecosystem. An integration in order to deliver solutions of which only fintech had the secret. However, the Institution’s experience and knowledge of banking regulations have enabled it to come up with innovative solutions.

Extending at length on blockchain, explaining, the man explained, with simplicity this technology. It shows that, thanks to the blockchain, financial transaction times will be instantaneous. Moreover, security is the essence of this process. In addition, it significantly reduces transaction costs. It is, moreover, on this type of disruptive solution that the BNI is working. In order to offer its users the most efficient services possible.



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