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Skip Coney Island & Visit These Summer Brooklyn Destinations

Tourists are fond of flocking to Coney Island throughout the year. Being among the most historic and iconic neighborhoods in Brooklyn, visitors can experience amazing views of ocean tides. From concerts and events to fireworks and traditional gatherings, there are plenty of summer activities for adults and children. However, it gets overcrowded and chaotic for the same reason, making the tourist’s experience more of a hustle than fun.

Brooklyn has a wide range of activities and eye-catching scenes. The city presents one of the most photogenic walks with an admirable touch of nature. Its eye-catching mixture of tall modern Skyliners and vintage architecture adds to the rewarding experience. In addition, the town overflows with touristic summer destinations. Below are some of the best Brooklyn summer destinations.

Natural Amenities

Nature lovers are well catered for since they can explore a wide range of nature’s gifts to humanity in Brooklyn. Some of the most natural travel attractions in Brooklyn are:

The Beach

Any tourist who visits Brooklyn in summer wants to spend their afternoon at the beach. Being an immediate neighbor of the Atlantic Ocean, Brooklyn is dominated by attractive promenades, covered in soft sand that soothes the feet as one walks on the beach. Tourists collect seashells and even spend an hour or two putting together a shell necklace for memories. Children have the time of their life at Manhattan Beach building sandcastles which, if not lucky, just end up being eroded away by the ocean tides. Teenagers benefit from the surfing classes offered on Sea Gate Beach, while adults enjoy sunbathing in the summer sun. Brooklyn beaches are definitely worth a stop-by in summer.

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East River Greenway

Hikers appreciate a hike along the East River Greenway, a five-mile walking path that covers approximately three hours. This trail also provides a good opportunity to explore the river’s natural beauty. There are several picturesque natural water springs and fountains on the trail where tourists hydrate and wash off their faces. In addition, this scenic walk takes hikers across the most beautiful and famous bridge, Brooklyn Bridge.

botanic garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers visitors the most peaceful walk as they get lost in its therapeutic beauty. Though it was set up by a man in 1910, the garden takes the form of a natural growing forest, except with well-tended lawns. Prospect Park is a public park adjacent to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and it offers a shade from the harsh summer sun. In addition, it offers a beautiful landscape for family picnics. The garden houses the only lake in Brooklyn covered by the most colorful meadow. Nature lovers never get enough of the gardens.

An evening walk across Brooklyn Bridge rewards tourists and residents with the most rewarding views of the Statue of Liberty, very attractive skylines, and the most picturesque sceneries.

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Historical And Cultural Destinations

Brooklyn is home to the world’s youngest generations from all over the world. The quarter houses the world’s most adventurous, creative, and daring population. It’s evident because over 700 arts and cultural institutions are based in Brooklyn. Artists will always notice the USA’s first roller coaster which was set up in Brooklyn. The city is the epitome of art, history, food, and culture. Here are some iconic historical, cultural, and artistic sites to visit in summer:

brooklyn museum

This is the third-largest art museum in New York City. It harbors more than five hundred thousand art objects from the 18th century. Here, artifacts that trace the history of the city’s inhabitants are well-preserved. From Egyptian antiques and Japanese art pieces to a huge representation of the American lifestyle in colonial and recent times, there’s a lot to see at Brooklyn Museum.

Brooklyn Childrens Museum

The museum is a unique destination for touristic kids. Its entrance is an endless colorful tunnel leading to coco peat where kids cover themselves in soilless media. It has beautiful aquariums filled with different fishes. Kids get to see and study wildlife, including birds, snakes, frogs, and even turtles.

Cafes and Restaurants

It’s amazing how the American Coffee culture originated in Brooklyn and has continued to be a big part of Brooklyn’s culture. Visitors to this city are spoiled for choice since most coffee shops offer the tastiest signature coffee mugs. Those who choose to walk down the Dumbo streets see the oldest coffee roasting stores in Brooklyn.

Due to the cultural diversity in Brooklyn, visitors have to decide the kind of cuisine they want to try. Restaurants offer Indian dishes like beef or chicken Rotis, Italian Mac& cheese, American Waffles, and Pizzas.

Brooklyn has so much to offer its guests that one can barely exhaust in one summer. However, some destinations are worth a million visits and are too attractive to be skipped. So skip the crowded Coney Island and go to Brooklyn destinations and explore a wide range of natural scenes, activities, and cultures.

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