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If you swear by rice, start cooking with Cookeo, a quick and easy method!

The history of rice

It is in every cupboard in the world, ready to bewitch our palates! Credit: pixabay


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Rice is a cereal grown in the land tropical dates back to -13,000 BC, in China. His birth is located near the Pearl River, in the south of the country. It is a food that we see appearing over time, as in the time of the Greeks under Alexander The Great or even in the 14th century in France, where it is imported. It will be necessary to wait until the middle of the 20th century for this product to be cultivated on our land, where its cultivation requires a large quantity of water. These fields are calledpaddy field“.

China still remains the world’s largest importer of this commodity. If this country is known for its gastronomy emphasizing the white rice (in particular the rice Cantonese), many countries around the world have adopted it. Paella, a typical Spanish dish, uses white rice as the essential basis of its recipe, just like Italy with its famous risotto. We can also mention the chicken curry from Reunion Island, as well as a white rice cake widespread in the Mediterranean basin or sushi, very popular Japanese dishes. Each kitchen has been able to use it wisely.

There are several varieties with benefits different for health. White rice, for example, would help fight against diarrhea and would advise against cancer. This cereal contains starchan ally for intestines and which makes it possible to monitor the blood sugar. It is also found vitamins (phosphorus, magnesium and potassium) and for those intolerant to glutenit is a good substitute ingredient.


What kind of rice to choose?

We validate this 100% gourmet dessert to reproduce at home. Credit: shutterstock

We recommend this rice pudding with cinnamon notes. The recipe right here.

Depending on your needs, you will not choose the same rice. Although they have common virtuesthey do not have the same particularities for your body and do not lend themselves to all recipes.

Complete rice : It is the variety considered to be the most beneficial to health and the most nutritious. It is suitable for a balanced diet and you can combine it with lentils. Also, it does not make you fat, because it is low in calories. Brown rice is the richest in fiber and harder in texture. Some find it notes of hazelnuts.

Thai rice: Like other types of white rice, it contains vitamins. It is often chosen for Asian recipes, especially fried rice. We recognize light notes of jasmine in the taste.

Basmati rice : Its glycemic index is the lowest. Its grain is very fine and is suitable for Indian curry recipes, for example. Basmati rice is also more fragrant. People with diabetes or those prone to heart problems see it as an ally for their health.

Sticky rice : This one is ideal for desserts or sushi, because it is compact. It is also more caloric.

Cookeo rice cooking

Think of this association with an artichoke as we like. Credit: shutterstock

Discover the artichoke risotto, an Italian specialty that you never get tired of. The recipe right here.

If you can cook the rice in a steamer or in a pan boiling water, you could save time by using your Cookeo. This food processor is very useful for making delicious recipes in a very short time and without much effort. This appliance can cook all kinds of rice, white, long, medium or round, it can revolutionize your culinary preparations! More elaborate or more basic dishes, it is the essential to leave on your work surface.

Do not follow the time indicated on the pack of rice to cook it or divide it by two. Depending on the variety you have selected, the cooking time may differ, find out about it to make your recipe a success. You can rinse the rice before starting the preparation, because the starch is not always digested by all. Exception made for arborio rice for risotto.

Also, this cereal will swell when heated, be sure to calculate the right amount according to the people at the table.

To cook the rice in the Cookeo:

1.First, pour water into the tank of your robot and drop the quantity of rice. This must be completely covered by the liquid.

2.Then program the rapid cooking of the rice in “under pressure” mode.

3.Remove the rice from the bowl and drain it thoroughly.

How long should it be cooked?

Complete rice : Count exactly 9 minutes.

Thai rice : Count exactly 6 minutes.

Basmati rice : Count exactly 6 minutes.

Sticky rice : Count exactly 9 minutes.

Pre-cooked rice : Count exactly 2 minutes.

How to check the cooking?

Find success in your kitchen with original and colorful sushi. Credit: shutterstock

Head for the Land of the Rising Sun with revisited sushi burrito. The recipe right here.

Once inside your Cookeo, you need to be sure it is ready for the rest of your recipe. Sufficiently cooked rice is a soft, easy-to-mash rice. If you have rinsed your rice beforehand, it should not not stick. The water is usually absorbed, meaning cooking success. Then you just have to taste it once the cooking time has elapsed, to adjust according to your needs. Use to make yourself a spatula, in order to better grip the portion and submit it to your palate.

The rice can then be keep in airtight container, placed in the refrigerator for a few days and reused for your cooking. For the little one trick, keep the rice water to wash your hair. They will only be more beautiful!

Recipe for an express paella with Cookeo

If you don’t have time to go behind the stove, make this express paella with the Cookeo. Credit: pixabay

This exceptional commodity has conquered all the gastronomy of the world. Dare to revisit the famous Spanish paella, in an express version prepared in your Cookeo. The whole family will thank you for this sunny meal!

For 4 people
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time :
Average scholarship

Ingredients :

-250g of white rice
-35cl of water
-4 chicken breasts
-1 half chorizo
-1 red pepper
-250g of peas
-1 chicken stock cube
-10cl of tomato puree
-1 teaspoon of saffron

Preparation :

1. First brown the washers of sausage and whites of chicken cut into pieces in the Cookeo bowl. Let simmer for 5 minutes, then set aside.

2.Add the White rice and the saffron in the robot. Then pour the water gradually in large quantities and the vegetable stock cube. Briefly add the chorizo ​​slices, the chicken breasts, the red pepper strips and the peas. Stir well to combine all the ingredients. Add the tomato puree.

3. Close the Cookeo and program cooking in “pressure” mode for a total of 12 minutes.

4. Open the robot and let it heat up 5 minutes Again. Then present your recipe in a wok or in a dedicated dish.

What seasoning for rice?

Chinese gastronomy is a classic that we love again and again. It’s your turn ! Credit: shutterstock

How about some hearty fried rice for your next meal? The recipe right here.

the plain rice is appreciable. It can also be transformed during cooking, thanks to an assortment of condiments. You can flavor it by depositing a vegetable, beef or poultry stock cube directly in the Cookeo tank. Before starting the programming, you can boil water with leftover onions, garlic, vegetables and aromatic herbs to make a fragrant beverage. It’s an anti-waste trick that can give flavor to any of your rice. Beef and veal juices also enhance your cooking.

In a second step, you can also make sauces to coat the rice. Coconut milk is usually associated with this cereal to give it a mild and sweet taste, while adding spices such as curry or turmeric. They are used for exotic recipes with chicken or turkey breasts. Coconut milk can also be combined with sticky rice for rice pudding or cakes. Also consider a tomato sauce with aromatic herbs, to replace a pasta dish. A melted cheese sauce will make your plate more gourmet and melting, while a drizzle of olive oil will make it a healthy dish.

The vegetables (like carrots or zucchini) and meats lend themselves as an accompaniment to rice. Veal, beef, chicken or pork enrich the recipes and allow you to never get tired of it. Charcuterie is not to be outdone, especially chorizo, a favorite in paella. Which cuisine do you fancy?

Salad, family dish or dessert, rice lends itself to all menus. Turn on your Cookeo to surprise your taste buds!


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