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Recipe How to cook hard-boiled eggs in the Cookeo®?

Use your Cookeo to cook hard-boiled eggs to perfection and delight your guests next time!

Eggs in gastronomy

Give in to the temptation of hard-boiled eggs with your food processor! Egg white or egg yolk, everyone has their preference! Credit: pixabay

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Eggs are eaten since the dawn of time by man and this trend still persists. They are among the foods of first necessity, which the French regularly buy in their supermarkets. They are known to be inexpensive and a very good binder for cooking, because they bind the other ingredients together. It is a treasure of nature, which has been the basis of several recipes.

But who of chicken or egg appeared first? This unavoidable question has found its answer, it turns out that it would be the egg, the result of a genetic mutation and laid by a different species from the hen. Today, we use it to prepare delicious receipts : cake, pasta, flan and other pastries that make us all crack. It can also be used to make savory dishes, sauces, or even sweet desserts. It can be prepared in different ways, including with the help of the Cookeo.

In another softer form, the hard boiled eggs find their place in salads to sublimate your entries or turn into mimosa eggs. They are sometimes appreciated with a vegetable soup, to bring consistency or in addition to a smoked fish. Hard-boiled eggs still turn the heads of the greatest chefs!

The egg in the kitchen is debated. Would it be a health hazard, as it would raise the rate of bad cholesterol ? The latter is notably contained in the egg yolk in very large quantities (370mg on average). The egg brings many proteinuseful for giving energy and some strength to the human body. It also redistributes vitamins, including vitamin B12. Egg is a good meat substitute for diets vegetarians. It is credited with antioxidant properties, it is an ally for memory and for reducing cardiovascular risks.

Let your appetite guide you and use the Cookeo for your hard-boiled egg recipes. Credit: Antoni Shkraba/ Pexels

As a starter or for breakfast? We eat them every hour in tasty recipes. If you often use them to make a cake with milk, yeast and flour in particular, turn to savory dishes.

Choose eggs laid by free-range hens to gain in quality and respect for animal welfare. Free-range eggs are the most popular, as are organic ones. Eating the eggs in the evening would help to sleep well and thus have a good night’s sleep.

These chicken foods can be cooked in very different ways, depending on the recipe you choose. You can first mix the egg yolks with other ingredients used for the pastry shop and whisk the egg whites for a touch of pleasure. Conversely, you can cook them on their own in a pan to make fried eggs or do them boil to have boiled eggs or boiled eggs. Scrambled, in an omelette, poached or calves, we love them in all their forms. They are reinventing themselves and athletes are asking for them on their plate!

Usually hard-boiled eggs are cooked in a pot of boiling waterwith a pinch of salt during 10 minutes. At this end, collect them with a skimmer so as not to burn yourself and pass them directly under cold water. You can peel them and cut them in half for a nice presentation. The secret lies in the preparation time, because the longer it takes, the harder the yolk will become. One of the benefits of boiled eggs is better digestion. Innovate by using a thermomix, like the Cookeo, you won’t come back!

Cooking hard-boiled eggs in the Cookeo

Thanks to the thermomix, learn how to cook hard-boiled eggs and perfect your dishes. Credit: pixabay

If you have a food processor, such as a Cookeoyou can cook them in another way. eggs. This device home appliance has the advantage of being a gain of weather and appears very often efficient to make your kitchen successful. The thermomix has revolutionized the world of cooking.

Use coarse salt for Cookeo cooking, it will allow better scaling of your farm products. Note that the cooking time is always the same in this cooker. You will do wonders!

1.Pour 40cl of water into the tank of your Cookeo.

2. Add a teaspoon of coarse salt to the appliance, then program pressure cooking for 4 minutes.

3. Take the eggs out of your cooker and put them in cold water immediately. You can peel them and eat them at your convenience in your dishes.

Trick : Roll the eggs on the work surface to break down the shards of the shell.

Mimosa egg recipe with Cookeo

Savor this recipe made up of mimosa eggs, ideal to start the meal. Credit: pixabay

Use hard-boiled eggs to make tasty recipes, as an alternative to soft-boiled eggs. Thanks to Cookeo cooking, you save twice as much time to prepare this recipe and enjoy it faster. Mimosa eggs are famous as starters and never disappoint guests. Leave aside your saucepan and take out your Cookeo!

For 2 people
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 4 minutes
For all scholarships

Ingredients :

-4 eggs
-60cl of water
-4 teaspoons of mayonnaise
-Salt and pepper

Preparation :

1.For this recipe, pour the water into the Cookeo tank. Add the eggs and cook for 4 minutes under pressure. Then remove them from the Cookeo and then run them under cold water to remove the scales.

2. Then cut the eggs in half and carefully collect the egg yolk.

3.Then mix the egg yolk with a little salt and pepper. Finally add the mayonnaise.

4. Place this mixture in the center of the egg white. Then garnish with chopped chives.

5.Present your cooking on pretty plates alongside a salad. No need to add a drizzle of oil. Enjoy your lunch !

Trick : To check that an egg is still good, immerse it in a bowl of water. If it sinks, it can be used for your recipes. If, on the other hand, it rises to the surface, it is that it has expired.

What to eat hard-boiled eggs with?

We love hard-boiled eggs in all recipes, like in sandwiches with fresh ingredients. Credit: shutterstock

They are essential for brunch recipes! Usually scrambled eggs with a touch of Parmesan cheese are preferred, but review your menu and offer Mimosa eggs for a more chic touch, after using your Cookeo. Hard-boiled eggs can also be enhanced with homemade mashed potatoes or a pasta, chicken or potatoes. They are also found in surprising sandwiches or even a rice gourmet, flavored with chicken broth and supplemented with other ingredients. If you’re hungry, serve them with a good soup. Use your imagination to feast on their tenderness.

The hard-boiled egg makes little stir for dessert, it is savored in the form of a dish like amuse bouche principally. Do not hesitate to mix it with the mayonnaise to obtain a thick cream. This kitchen will be the darling of your starters! On the picnic side, don’t forget to slip a hard-boiled egg or two into your salads healthy. Among our other suggestions, start preparing asparagus with a hollandaise sauce, coating your hard-boiled eggs.

On the drink side, we suggest a sparkling fruity to make it a delicacy. White wine suits many meals, such as a hard-boiled egg, pimped with Cookeo. Everything will depend on the accompaniment to help you make your choice better. Let yourself be carried away by your gourmet desires!

What seasoning for hard-boiled eggs?

Follow the recipe for a curry sauce to enhance your hard-boiled eggs, a real taste experience! Credit: pixabay

How to decorate your hard-boiled eggs after having cooked them in the Cookeo ? If you want to spice them up a bit, let us inspire you. do them gratinate in the oven 5 minutesafter sprinkling them with gruyere cheese grated. Cheese is often used to flavor recipes. Also melt with a sour creama piece of Roquefort cheese or boursin and let your eggs revel in it. If you have an adventurous palate, a curry sauce might surprise you or dare a sauce with small onions !

The most classic seasoning consists of pouring a drizzle of‘olive oil or of Vinaigrette on your hard-boiled eggs, all garnished with aromatic herbs, such as parsley or the chive. This touch of freshness is the envy! the balsamic vinegaroften used on starters, will go very well with your hard-boiled eggs.

Now that you know all the secrets about these typical ingredients of French gastronomy, you can prepare them like a chef using your food processor. In a jiffy, the Cookeo gives shape to your original recipes. Be surprised!