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How to successfully cook duck breast on the barbecue?

If you want a chic, summery and very tasty meal, don’t miss cooking the duck breast on the barbecue.

Where does duck breast come from?

Enjoy this soft and smoked meat. Credit: pixabay

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It is a specialty of gastronomy french, that our neighbors envy us and yet was created late in life. Duck breast was invented in the Gers in 1965 by André Daguin, then head of the Hôtel de France. The first name was “duck breast” and all his success came from his famous pepper sauce, which accompanied the meat tenderloin. “Magret” comes from magre in Occitan, which simply means lean.

Generally, in restaurants, you don’t ask the customer the cooking he prefers, because that’s where all the secret resides. Duck was most often prepared confit or roasted, before innovating and cooking it in the form of duck breast. Duck foie gras, very controversial, is also very famous in French culinary culture. This new kitchen has conquered the gourmets and the most great leaders. It is indeed a dish that is offered on special occasions, because its know-how makes it very refined. You can like rare or pink duck, it’s up to you.

He is recognized as a strong taste and an very tender texture. Although the duck belongs to the duck family, its flesh is nevertheless red, making it an outstanding product. Like many meats, the benefits of duck breast are not left out. He is recognized for a good contribution in iron and in proteinas well as B vitamins. Without the skin it is little caloriewhile its fats reduces cardiovascular risksas well as the Wrong cholesterol. In short, it is a healthy ally if you consume it in a varied and balanced diet.

How to choose your meat?

Melt for this tasty meat! Credit: pixabay

When you are unfamiliar with this type of product, you can choose to nad quality, tasteless and much too dry. Just like a chicken or a turkey, make no mistake!

For a successful cooking, be sure to make the right choice at the time of your purchase. There are, for example, two different farms: fat ducks and skinny ducks. We distinguish the breast taken from a lean duck like a fillet, while this same part taken from a fatty duck will be called duck breast.

the male mallard duck is generally favored for this type of recipe, because it is softer in its flesh. Be sure to always select a duck with the skin on and check its dark red flesh. Greyish skin would be bad for your kitchen. the Red Label, a guarantee of quality, offers ducks of 350kg, because below 300kg, its quality is insufficient. A farmer duck will offer you exceptional flavors. The origin is also a good indicator, opt for the South-West region of France.

Note that if you buy your duck breast from the butcher, it must be eaten within the two days. Vacuum-packed duck breast, on the other hand, lasts a week in fridge in the great cold.

Cooking duck breast?

Break out the barbecue for this exquisite recipe! Credit: pixabay

This poultry can be roasted on the grill or gilded griddle during the summer season. You can even blow up your thighs stove with a good dose of butter and herbs, for a rustic recipe. Everyone has their own preference for this typical dish. A thick duck breast will be more likely to guarantee very pink slices.

To start cooking, go out 1 hour before cooking your duck breast. Then using a knife well sharpened, square chest skin. The juice should drain away, save it for other recipes, such as risotto or to flavor potatoes. The grid allows the heat of the right temperature to better penetrate the meat.

Stove : It must already be hot and without fat. The skin will become more crunchy. As soon as the flesh takes on a new color, you can return the duck breast to the pan after a few minutes to cook the second side. Attention not to prick with the fork, you would damage the meat which would drain of all its fat and dry it out!

Oven : Some chefs opt for gentle cooking of 5 minutes in the panbefore passing to oven 5 minutes supplements at a temperature of 180°C. Once cooked, you can present the duck breast in aiguillette or in strips in a dish for the occasion. Cooked meat will keep for 3 days in an airtight box.

Barbeque: For a smokier taste, cook the poultry on both sides for 5 minutes.

How to check the cooking?

Make a tasty duck breast like a chef on the barbecue. Credit: pixabay

Once you have taken care of cooking the duck breast, it is better to ensure the success of your cooking. Usually, we stick a knife inside a food to check that the inside is well cooked, for duck breasts, the trick is quite different!

If some like duck breast bleeding, well done Where medium rarehowever, its ideal cooking is determined by color of his flesh. This will come into play when cooking, when the fats come out and it’s time to turn your duck breasts. Then cut a slice and see for yourself how successful the recipe is. Any good leader does not hesitate to to taste his own preparation. Then enhance your dishes with gourmet vegetables.

A bleeding breast will have a color redwhile a medium skinny will have a more dew. Finally, if your poultry is well cooked, you will then recognize a color uniform. You will manage like a chef!

Recipe for duck breast with honey on the barbecue

Surprise your guests with this barbecued duck. Credit: pixabay

The duck breast will not disappoint your guests thanks to an infallible recipe! Among our duck breast recipes, reproduce this one to impress your whole table. Take out your utensils, let’s go!

For 2 people
Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 11 minutes
For all scholarships

Ingredients :

-2 duck breasts
-10cl of balsamic vinegar
-2 shallots
-Olive oil
-5cl of honey
-2 tablespoons of soy sauce

Preparation :

1.For this recipe, start by making the marinade. Mix balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, honey and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Slice the shallot and add to the marinade.

2. Place the duck breasts and let them soak up of this sauce. Then wrap them in plastic wrap and keep refrigerated. 2 hours.

3.Then use a knife, which you have sharpened well beforehand, and form grids on the surface of the meat, without cutting deeply. Then put everything on the barbecue, fat side first. Cook 6 minutes on one side, then flip and let it take shape 5 minutes extra at the right temperature. Then reserve the poultry in a dish. Immediately wrap it in aluminum foil or of paper parchmentto retain heat.

4. In a frying pan, pour the special meat marinade and let it heat to low temperature. Put a pinch of salt. Pour this coulis over the meat.

5.You can serve the duck breasts in strips, while enhancing them with the balsamic vinegar and honey sauce. Serve with vegetables or pasta.

What accompaniment for duck breast?

Among our accompanying recipes, which are your favourites? Credit: pixabay

Once the duck breasts are well cooked, it is time to complete them with accompaniments salty and drinks that will blend perfectly with the flavors of your poultry.

Accompaniement : Pasta or rice, these basic foods are easy to prepare and are very suitable for showcasing this specialty from the South-West of France. You can also bet on a kitchen forestry and rustic by associating a sauce with very creamy porcini mushrooms. A marinade with olive oil, herbs and Espelette pepper can also cover your duck breast when serving. It will surely be a delight for the taste buds. The most traditional accompaniment is undoubtedly a pan-fried vegetables or more precisely of potatoes, baked in duck fat. For barbecue cooking in summer, surround the duck breast with juicy red fruits.

Drinks : the wine is de rigueur for this chef’s dish. To honor this region of France, choose a red wine from the Bordeaux vineyard (Listrac-Medoc, Saint-Estèphe, Graves…) or a vineyard from the Rhône Valley (Cornas, Saint-Joseph, Lirac… .). For those without alcohol, a raspberry juice is appreciated. You will enjoy !