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his before/after photo is impressive!

Since she won the hearts of many fans, Jesta Hillmann confides without filter on her networks. Always honest and eager to hide nothing from her admirers, the former finalist of Koh-Lanta does not hesitate to publish photos of her a few weeks after her last pregnancy. Thus, its subscribers were able to see the striking difference in its silhouette. Indeed, the young woman has made a lot of effort to find a dream body!

Jesta Hillmann at the height of happiness!

Jesta Hillman has every reason to be happy and proud! This Wednesday, May 4, is not a day like any other for the candidate of Koh-Lanta 2016. The second opus of her recipe book “Jestatouilles” is finally available for sale in stores and on the internet. In the pages of this book, new, healthy and gourmet recipes to allow everyone to have fun without feeling guilty. In the first volume of “Jestatouilles”, Jesta Hillmann was alone, but she is accompanied by her husband, Benoît, in this second book. This former professional footballer gives advice on how to combine sport and diet. In particular, it reveals a few physical exercises to allow readers to build a real well-being routine.

In her cookbook, Jesta Hillmann gives 55 menu ideas. By combining physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet, the adventurer wishes to give the keys to well-being to her readers. The objective of his work: to enable them to improve their diet and their lifestyle to lose weight and feel better about themselves. For those who have doubts about this very simple method, just look at the latest photos of the young mother to be sure of the effectiveness of her program!

Indeed, Jesta has gained a lot of weight after her two closely spaced pregnancies. But she didn’t let go! Quickly, the influencer decided to react and regain control of her body. Finally, it is in a very short period of time that she managed to lose her superfluous kilos. Today, the beauty has regained a perfect figure! On Instagram, she shared it with all her subscribers by posting before/after photos.

A very striking before/after difference

Always very close to her fans, Jesta Hillmann confided on Instagram: “ After two pregnancies, my body was no longer the same. For Juliann, I gained 28 kilos which I managed to lose with the creation of Jestatouille number 1. For Adriann, +16 kilos well established with a 10-month gap between my two pregnancies. I finally managed to find my body in which I feel good with these new recipes which constitute my famous Jestatouille number 2! »

We imagine that losing all those pounds must not have been easy for the young mother. When we discover the photos, we can only be impressed by such a result. In addition, Jesta clarifies in the caption that the two shots were taken only three months apart. Which means that the diet she teaches in her book is not only effective, but fast.

Jesta gives hope to all moms

This courageous young woman gives hope to all mothers wishing to lose weight. Today, she can boast of having regained a flat stomach and a slimmer waist. This is what all women dream of! Totally amazed, Internet users were quick to express their admiration. And it was a flood of compliments that flooded the influencer’s story: “What a change! “, “Bravo”, “Incredible! », « A fine example »…

By proving the effectiveness of the diet advocated in his book, Jesta Hillmann can hope to sell many copies. During an interview granted to the magazine “Purepeople” during her second pregnancy, she indicated her desire to find a pretty figure as soon as possible. ” This time, I intend to take the ‘problem’ directly in charge to prevent it from setting in and making it even more difficult. I’m going to get back into my recipes, I’m going to get back to running every other day, get back to a sports routine and eat a balanced diet but without dieting because I’m going to breastfeed.. she declared determined. His remarks revealed a great motivation which certainly facilitated the achievement of his objectives. Thanks to the determination of Jesta Hillmann, many mothers will manage to rebalance their diet to have the pleasure of displaying a refined silhouette!

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