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Grandma’s recipes for generous flowering without the hassle!

In a pot or planter to embellish the terrace, the balcony or the window sill, in the ground in the garden… the maintenance of the geranium, a plant appreciated for its beauty and its resistance, is not at all a complicated task. . This flowering plant is particularly favored by gardening novices and its attractive flowering persists from spring until the first frosts. To be able to take full advantage of it, the contribution of fertilizer is essential, hence the question which one to use exactly. Spotlight on grandma’s recipes for beautiful geraniums!

When to use geranium fertilizer?

geranium maintenance when to fertilize geranium to stimulate flowering advice tips

Fertilizing geraniums can be done at two different times. First is during its planting when you mix a handful of fertilizer into the potting soil in the spring. Know that it is useless to fertilize in the following three weeks if you use a soil called “special geraniums” or “flowering plants”. Overuse of fertilizer damages the roots and can even burn your plant.

And second, fertilize your geraniums to keep them blooming. This is done every 5 weeks, at least. However, this rule applies rather to fertilizers sold commercially and not to those of natural origin.

The 6 star natural fertilizer ideas for geraniums

homemade natural geranium fertilizer ideas grandmother's recipe for beautiful geraniums

Fertilizing is an essential step in the maintenance of the geranium which stimulates its growth and development. However, for best results, experts recommend opting for a homemade natural fertilizer in order to avoid the chemicals contained in commercial products. It’s economical, practical and 100% natural! Here is Grandma’s recipe for beautiful geraniums in 6 star ideas.

Geranium Care with Banana Peels

geranium maintenance organic fertilizer for geranium banana peel tips tips

Using banana peel as a fertilizer is quite a popular method that offers many benefits to plants. This is due in particular to the potassium content – an essential nutrient for plant growth. In addition, its contribution during the flowering period reduces the risk for geraniums of being attacked by parasites.

So, to ensure that your geranium receives optimal potassium, first dry the banana peels in the oven. Then, tear them into small pieces and put them directly on the ground. To be done every two weeks.

Natural fertilizer for geranium with milk

natural fertilizer for geranium with milk grandmother's recipe for beautiful geraniums

Believe it or not, using milk as a homemade geranium fertilizer can effectively boost plant growth. In addition, this clever method also guarantees you a maximum of flowers. To get the most out of it, add a tablespoon of milk to a liter of water. Then, use the mixture to water the soil around your geraniums.

Brewer’s yeast is also invited in the maintenance of geranium

geranium maintenance with brewer's yeast grandmother's recipe for beautiful geraniums

Thanks to its content of many vitamins and valuable minerals, brewer’s yeast has amazing benefits for geraniums. To feed it to your flowering plants, all you need to do is prepare a liquid fertilizer by adding a few teaspoons of brewer’s yeast to about ten liters of water. Then use the resulting solution to water your geraniums.

What’s more, the mixture can also help you shine the leaves of geraniums. To do this, lightly wet a cotton pad and gently pass it over the leaves to restore their natural shine.

Do-it-yourself geranium fertilizer: liquid coffee or coffee grounds

coffee grounds geranium fertilizer natural fertilizer idea

Do you know that it is possible to water plants with coffee? The latter contains magnesium and potassium, two essential nutrients for the growth and flowering of plants. For this purpose, the coffee must be cooled and black, ie without any added ingredients (sugar, cream, milk, etc.). Then dilute the drink with cold tap water in an amount more or less the same as coffee. Finally, water at the base of the geraniums.

An alternative would be coffee grounds – a method of fertilization particularly popular with gardeners. The brown powder will bring nitrogen and phosphorus to the soil while repelling worms that attack the root system. All you need to do is sprinkle a small amount at the foot of the plants.

care of geraniums with eggshells geranium fertilizer to do yourself

Using food scraps as an organic fertilizer for geraniums is a very smart and very effective practice. In the case of eggshells, crush them into a powder and place the latter at the foot of the plants, mixing it with the soil. This trick will also keep unwanted insects away.

Geranium care with vegetable cooking water

geranium care natural geranium fertilizer reuse vegetable cooking water

And how about reusing unsalted vegetable cooking water to fertilize your geraniums naturally? Let it cool and water your plants to provide them with vitamins and minerals.