advantages or disadvantages of an outdoor grill according to neighborhood law


For lack of a garden or backyard, we want to install a barbecue on the balcony to make healthy and juicy grills. In addition, when the good weather comes, the opportunity to prepare your favorite meat and fish recipes arises. What advantages and disadvantages arise when cooking outdoors and what does the law say about it?

What is a balcony barbecue: convenience or inconvenience?

barbecue on the balcony grilling season make favorite recipes


On the technical side, you are ready for the grilling season. The collection of grilled fish recipes and vegan vegetable skewer makes your mouth water. It’s great to season with your own rich, fragrant leafy rosemary. Well, here it is! The idyllic picture is sketched, all you have to do is put on the apron! Stop! Don’t let your culinary taste play tricks on you! Because using a barbecue on the balcony, a plancha or a grill, can cause problems with the neighbours.

barbecue on the balcony widespread smoke stubborn smell fire risk

First, there is the smoke which rises and spreads, insinuating itself through the open windows. The smell is persistent and it may take days for the interior to air out. Then, there is a high risk of ending up with a laundry smelling of coal, if the irresponsible neighbors have not warned you. So you too can find yourself in the role of the watered sprinkler.

The biggest downside of the barbecue on the balcony is the danger of fire. We know quite a few cases where the wind blows a spark from the brazier which falls into a lower balcony. Since people have a bad habit of piling obsolete and combustible objects in their outdoor space, the damage is quickly done.


What do you need to know to use a barbecue on the balcony?

barbecue on the balcony tenant reasonable owner obey regulations

As a reasonable renter or owner of an apartment, you may be wondering, “Can I barbecue on a balcony?” or “is it safe to barbecue on a balcony?” “. If you obey the regulations and the law of the neighborhood, you will avoid confrontations.

There are no explicit written laws prohibiting barbecue on the balcony. However, several authorities strongly advise against it, firefighters in the lead, who urge people to avoid installing barbecues and planchas on balconies, by listing a plethora of fires during the summer season.

barbecue on the balcony specify lease prohibited grilling outdoor spaces common accommodation

In addition, most landlords specify in the leases that it is forbidden to grill on the exterior spaces of their buildings. And even if you don’t, it’s worth talking to your neighbors before lighting the grill, as the close-quarters nature of most homes means you’re spreading the potential risk to them.

Barbecue and hot weather go hand in hand, so the risk of starting a fire with a balcony barbecue can be even higher.

The material the balcony is made of also matters

barbecue on the balcony increased risk construction material outdoor area

The risk can be further increased by the material from which your balcony is constructed. If you enjoy a panoramic view of the city from a wooden terrace, then, of course, you shouldn’t mix fire into the equation. And even if you feel that the barbecue is under control, the slightest mistake during extinguishing or remaining embers can spell disaster.

barbecue on the terrace dangerous formula alcohol intoxication falls asleep alertness

And beyond just burning down your house and those of your neighbors, barbecues can pose a danger in other ways. Those of the disposable type emit carbon monoxide for hours even after being turned off. The emission of these vapors on a balcony close to where you live and sleep is extremely dangerous and puts you at risk of fatal asphyxiation. Remember carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, you may not know until it’s too late.

Another formula is also very dangerous: barbecue and alcohol, since drunkenness puts vigilance to sleep.

Can we reduce the risks?

barbecue on the terrace fire department dissuade similar level of risk

Maybe you’re wondering if a small gas grill for a balcony is somehow safer than a charcoal grill or even the disposable options. If so, then unfortunately you are wrong. The fire department considers that all barbecues pose a similar level of risk to property, especially on balconies.

barbecue on the terrace reasonable barbecue elsewhere suitable place

When you are looking to barbecue and spend a few hours in good company, it would be reasonable to do it elsewhere. Maybe a friend or family member has a garden you can use over the weekend, or you can take a disposable barbecue to an open space with no open flame rules. BBQing on a balcony really seems like a lot more of a hassle than it’s worth: the potential risks versus the gains.

barbecue on the terrace choose wisely location parks

Before installing a barbecue in a public place, choose the location wisely. Most parks and common areas have rules against barbecues, and country code states that barbecues are prohibited unless otherwise specified.

barbecue on the terrace effective means of controlling fires

However, in spaces with clearly dedicated fire pits and plenty of effective ways to control fires, a backyard barbecue can be a real summertime delight, complete with the must-have delicacies.


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