50 snacking recipes to go that have pep’s!


What do the recipes for shiso lamb bao with soy by starred chef Stéphane Pitré, bun “No Planet B” by Bënnie, Poke bowl “Made in France” by chef Arnaud Baptiste for Pokawa, salmon roll from Waj Californian Food by OFC (The Original Food Court), Chili SIN carne by Wild and The Moon, Margherita pizza from Magnà, chichen satay by Street BKK? They are a hit in delivery, click and collect and VAE! We have a secret for you: the ingredients, the progression and the manipulations of these recipes are finally revealed to you. It is with great pleasure, and with the complicity of 8 foodservice partners, that we offer you this cookbook which contains no less than fifty recipes (from the salad bowl, to the burger and to finish with the dessert..) But not only. You will also find levers to increase the average ticket, tips to please and correspond to the imperatives of delivery platform algorithms, performance indicators to follow in particular to better set the trajectory in an increasingly hybrid universe and keep the cap…

Your free CookBook: 50 snacking recipes to take away that have pep’s!


If there is one thing that the crisis has demonstrated, it is the extreme resilience of fast food and its agility in adapting to the new situation. And in this redistribution of cards that has taken place, the digital revolution and online ordering have a lot to do with it. In the opinion of all the experts, we would have gained on the subject at least 4 years of use thanks to or because of the Covid effect. A change in the market, consumer practices, operational processes and necessarily business models that have pushed all catering players to carry out a major remix. Find in this exceptional magazine, which we offer you alongside 8 partners, 50 signatures of fast food and fast casual! A recipe book (and the Chefs’ little secrets!) not to be missed for successful sandwiches, burgers, salads, wraps, sweet treats and many other sector classics that have entered today’s food culture!

Why this cookbook today in particular?

At a time when many uncertainties remain in our sector, all operators of commercial, conventional, starred, fast-food, hotel and leisure catering, etc. are moving towards take-out, click and collect and delivery. If there is one thing that the crisis has demonstrated, it is the extreme resilience of fast food and its agility to adapt to this new situation by putting the consumer at the center of their concerns. This is why, in this Free cookbookyou discover the great secrets of Chef.fes who have imagined recipes, some of which have already entered the history of the street food culture ! Also, we have brought together 3 experts to share their insights and advice on these recipes: Patricia Boulos, consultant nutritionist Foodistas, Remy Lucasconsultant specializing in food trends at Cate Marketing, Nicolas NouchiInsight Director at CHD Expert.

Chefs, operators, managers and foodservice marketing managers: get inspired!


To discover in this Free CookBook!

Snacking, today, is everywhere, at all times of consumption. He is protean.

It is both salads in very healthy expressions, but also sandwiches, burgers or bagels with real gourmet biases. It can also be sandwiches, wraps, soups, ready meals by offering real culinary journeys to the point of being transgressive in a panoply of desserts to be consumed at any time according to the desires of consumers. Sweets that allow all forms of letting go and gourmet snacks and also ensure the company’s margin. So many examples to reinvent yourself and fit into the trends of the ” food culture of today and tomorrow.

Discover the recipe for chicken satay by Street BKK! A must eat on delivery platforms in 2021!

Did you know ?

  • 67% of European employees use online ordering during their meal break, 65% of French employees in 2022
  • 48% of restaurants use VAE and online ordering, compared to 26% in 2019 (+ 19%), 87% in fast food
  • 93% of consumers say they want to use it even post-pandemic
  • 56% of consumers are women and 41% are between 18 and 34 years old
  • 1/4 of French people have already bought a product via a social network
  • 49% of consumers condition their purchase on the recommendation of an influencer!

Sources: Barometer of the European Food program, coordinated by the Edenred group, end of 2021 – Chd Expert – YouGov – FoodService Vision

Boost your sales with inspiration
snacking from the CookBook!

Nearly fifty restaurant chains, chefs, pastry chefs and bakers share with you some of their know-how, their best proven recipes for online ordering! So many avenues of inspiration through the quality of the products offered, the operational control and the originality of the compositions which seduce and retain their consumers, and which, very often, are secret-defense! So many examples adapted to delivery and click & collect and VAE to help you get inspired! We can’t thank all these entrepreneurs enough for sharing their best recipes with the snacking community!Paul Fedèle, Editor-in-Chief of France Snacking.

Many thanks also to the 8 Foodservice specialist partners who made this project possible in order to make these recipes public and make them available to as many people as possible: Arla Pro, Innovorder, Gault & Frémont, Unox, Risso® – Vandemoortele Europe, Socopa Restauration, Mapal OS and La Comtoise. #sharingiscaring


Cover photo credits: Agence cimer – sdcreate for Pokawa.

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